In the middle of the 20th century a new Mission movement began in Europe. During that movement the idyllic “Berner Oberland” played a bigger role in writing history, than many would have thought…



Accreditation of the sbt through the European Council for Theological Education. Graduation: Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)


The course "Gemeinde und Mission (Church and Mission)" becomes BAföG-entitled


The online course for kids ( originated from the work of the Children-bible-competition.


Change of name: The "Bibelschule Beatenberg" as well as the "Carrier Association" are now called "Seminar für biblische Theologie Beatenberg". The Study offers were also renamed: Studiengang Gemeinde und Mission (SGM - 3-year Theology study) and Studiengang Praktisches Christsein (SPC - 1-year discipleship training)


Extensive study reforms and restructuring of all working branches. Total revision of statutes and regulations. The new name for the Carrier Association is now "Bibelschule Beatenberg".


Felix Aeschlimann took over the leadership of the "Bibelschule und Gästehaus Beatenberg". Beginning of the E-Learning classes (IBS). 


Peter Mayer hands over the leadership of the Bibelschule und Gästehaus to Samuel van der Maas.


Peter Mayer replaces Dr Gertrud Wasserzug both in the management of the Bibelschule und Gästehaus.


Dr Gertrud Wasserzug takes over the entire management of the Bibelschule und Bibelheim.


Start of the "Concours Biblique". The Children-Bible competition is translated from French into German.


Formation of the Beatenberg Mission work in Italy (Centro Evangelico Isola) and in France (Institut Biblique in Marseille)


Dr Saturnin Wasserzug dies at the age of 88. Stanley Clark becomes principal of the Bibelschule and Bibelheim.


The "Verein Bibelheim und Bibelschule Beatenberg" successfully acquired the hotel "Schweizerhof" at an auction in Zurich. In the same year the "International Youth for Christ Conference" took place with around 500 participants. Great effects were the results (Founding of Trans World Radio, different Mission societies, Training centers etc.).


Founding of the "Verein Bibelheim und Bibelschule Beatenberg". Start of the Missions- and Bible seminars in the old "Nursing center" of Beatenberg. Begin of the Beatenberg tract work within the publishing house "Grosse Freude" in the same year. 


Swiss active service soldiers and Jewish refugee’s get accommodated in the hotel "Schweizerhof".


Other international conferences for "Bibelstudium und Gebet" took place in Thun and Beatenberg


First big international "Konferenz für Bibel, Gebet und Weltevangelisation" in Beatenberg lead by Ruth Paxson


The couple Dr. theol. Saturnin and Dr. phil. Gertrud Wasserzug started with a Bibleschool and Guestwork in the Chalet Berghalde at Beatenberg. From now on many well known publication are published by the "Verlag Bibelschule Beatenberg".

„Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of Hosts.“ Zechariah 4,6 / NKJV